Bush walking Blue MountainsThe Blue Mountains area around Echo Point and the Three Sisters are really well maintained and security measures are in place to guarantee best protection on bush walks. This however doesn’t mean to underestimate mother nature. Let’s stay prepared the best way possible to tackle a day trip out at the Blue Mountains. We generally spend as much time away from the other tourists as we can, so we usually only visit Echo Point for a short time and spend the rest of our time walking through the forests in the valley and over the ridges

You definitely should wear good shoes for walking on the trails.We recommend to have your toes covered up as there are possibly sticks and rocks and sometimes mud. There are steep inclines with many steps, and on occasion stone and wood might be moist and slippery. A rain coat or poncho is good to have by hand in case the weather swings towards cold and rainy. On hot days it is highly recommended to have sun protection as well. Fluids and some small snacks are a good idea to keep you hydrated and motivated when taking a break.

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