Why Choose A Tour Instead Of Doing It Yourself?

Why would you choose to do a tour instead of just venturing out to see new places by yourself?

There’s quite a few good reasons actually! Doing a tour can often be cheaper than doing it yourself, and almost always much more time efficient. Tour guides know all the little special places and times of year that different spots will be busy and when the best times to visit are. Even if you did plan to go and venture out into the wilderness yourself, it’s a great idea to do a tour first and get an idea of the areas from people who know them from experience. You would be surprised what you can learn from a tour, and what a great stepping stone it is to even better, more informed adventures!

A good example is the distance between destinations. Often we will visit locations that are many kilometres from any public transport and then they are very far between each of the different places we visit. It would be technically impossible to do our tour in a day by train, or local bus, and without the knowledge and experience we have you would really waste a lot of time not knowing where you are going and just testing out tracks that you think sound nice.

Almost everyone that travels on tours are there to have a nice relaxing fun day and meet a few nice people. Everyone has a bit of trepidation when meeting and traveling with groups and so usually everyone is pleasantly surprised by the fun they have and the new friends they may make! The Blue Mountains are certainly a magical place and you should come and visit with us as soon as you can!

Getting prepared for a day trip out at the Blue Mountains

Bush walking Blue MountainsThe Blue Mountains area around Echo Point and the Three Sisters are really well maintained and security measures are in place to guarantee best protection on bush walks. This however doesn’t mean to underestimate mother nature. Let’s stay prepared the best way possible to tackle a day trip out at the Blue Mountains. We generally spend as much time away from the other tourists as we can, so we usually only visit Echo Point for a short time and spend the rest of our time walking through the forests in the valley and over the ridges

You definitely should wear good shoes for walking on the trails.We recommend to have your toes covered up as there are possibly sticks and rocks and sometimes mud. There are steep inclines with many steps, and on occasion stone and wood might be moist and slippery. A rain coat or poncho is good to have by hand in case the weather swings towards cold and rainy. On hot days it is highly recommended to have sun protection as well. Fluids and some small snacks are a good idea to keep you hydrated and motivated when taking a break.

Feeling adventurous? Find out more suggestions and further information regarding our Blue Mountains Day Trip.

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A day trip to see water falls

Wentworth Falls Blue MountainsLet’s be honest: Everyone loves to see water falls. While big calibers such as the Niagara Falls or Victoria Falls attract hordes of people the Blue Mountains have smaller but ‘gemstone’ pure water falls. Water falls such as the Leura Falls or Wentworth Falls are embedded in nature. Like from a picture book, they seem to be untouched for centuries and there is a constant mystical aura surrounding these locations. The spirits and stories of past nations who once lived in the areas fill the air.

Fed by the Jamison Creek, the three-tiered Wentworth Falls are probably the most impressive. With an nice height of 187 meters the Wentworth Falls look majestically embedded within the surrounding bush land. There are resting areas including a nearby picnic area and several walking trail loops.

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Blue Mountains Sydney’s best escape destination

Three Sisters Blue MountainsIf you want to experience something else than just Sydney city life you need to come on a day tour to the Blue Mountains. The Blue Mountains is one of the highlight destinations in Sydney. As a World heritage site consisting of 7 national park areas and measuring about 10,000 km square the Blue Mountains offer untouched vegetation areas, amazing look outs and breath taking sand stone formations. One of the most popular formations are the Three Sisters. Wind, rain and rivers made sure that over time that sandstone eroded and formed those three ‘sculptures’

There is truly something magical at that sight looking out at the valley and surrounds from Echo Point into The Jamison

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