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blue mountains day tour, wildlife waterfallsBlue Mountains Day Tours with a local guide for a great trip

Our Blue Mountains Tour is one of the best Sydney adventure tours available. Founded in 2006, The Happy Coach Sydney is a small family business run by professional guides from the Blue Mountains. We love to have a laugh and have a love for nature and the bush. Come along for a great day out on an adventure tour from Sydney hiking and take in some of the amazing fresh air. We have some fun, learn some interesting facts, tell you a bit of local knowledge and have a joke as well! There will be stories about Aboriginal dreaming, snakes and spiders, trees, rocks, local wildlife and waterfalls. Check our reviews to see what other people have said about our amazing tour!



Blue Mountains Day Tours, Sydney toursOur day trip to the Blue Mountains for only $70 is one of the great Sydney tours and so much easier than doing it yourself

Looking for Sydney Tours? Why would you take a Blue Mountains Day Trip? There’s quite a lot of reasons actually! Most of our destinations are very far from any train station or public transport. We have years of experience. It is very difficult to do what we do in a day without the knowledge we have. If you went by train, the destinations we visit are impossible to cover in a day. We have lunch included, guided bushwalking with great guides and no extra charges. We have done our best to cater a day for you that will be relaxing and still see as much as you can. We pick you up from Sydney and drop you back to Sydney in the afternoon